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Theatrical/Commercial Agent             SAG / AFTRA                                Theatrical Manager

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Burbank, Ca 91505

Phone:(818)566-7717                                                                         *theatrical release

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*A FIGHTING CHANCE               Starring         Melody Films Ent.       Dir:  Shaun T  Benjamin

BEHIND THE CANDELABRA    Supporting     Jerry Weintraub/cable     Dir: Stephen Soderbergh

*EVEN MONEY                    Supporting         Yari Film Group            Dir:  Mark Rydell

*FLIPPING                                Starring             Paramount                      Dir:  Gene Mitchell

*AFTER FREEDOM                  Starring             Vitagraph Films              Dir: Vahe` Babaian

*CIRCUIT II                              Starring             DEJ Prods.                     Dir:  Jalal Merhi

*HINDSIGHT                      Starring              Melody Films Ent.          Dir:  Shaun T Benjamin

*FAST TRACK                         Supporting         Structure Film Works      Dir:  Kantz

FULL IMPACT                          Starring             Cine Excel Ent.               Dir: David Huey

AMERICAN STREETFIGHTER       Starring             Cine Excel Ent.               Dir: David Huey

THOUGHTS OF BETRAYAL       Starring            Everest Prods.                 Dir:  Alvin Fong

STRONG CITY                         Starring            Mon Frere Motion Pic.     Dir: Gene Mitchell

EXPERT WEAPON                    Starring             Cine Excel Ent.               Dir:  Steve Austin

CENTURIAN FORCE                 Supporting         Straightforward Prods.      Dir: Troy Cook

THE WEDDING GIFT         Starring             Markopolo Prods.            Dir:  Raffy Ardhaldjian

SHABAT SHALOM                   Starring            One Trick Prods.             Dir:  Babak Shokri


SHAMELESS                         Guest star       Warner Brothers         Dir:      Iain B. MacDonald

DARK BLUE                             Guest star           Warner Horizon TV         Dir:  Danny Cannon

GUYVER II: DARK HERO            Starring            Sci-Fi Channel       Dir:  Steve Wang

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL            Recurring           CBS


A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE    Lead (Best Actor)   Palisades Theater     Dir: Sherman Wayne

The CONTRACT                            Lead                  Hollywood Court Theater     Dir:   Jack Heller

UNFINISHED MONOLOGUE      Lead           Fountain Theater             Dir:  Michael Arabian

DETECTIVE  STORY                Lead          Marilyn Monroe Theater   Dir:  Anthony Caldarella

TRANSFER                              Lead                  The Complex                 Dir:   Gene Mitchell

THE CHERRY ORCHARD         Lead                  Fountain Theater             Dir:   Ron Livingston

MY HEART’S IN THE HIGHLANDS        Lead        Limelight playhouse    Dir: Paul Dounian

FINAL ALTERNATIVE              Lead           High Key Theater                  Dir:  Shaun T Benjamin

IN GOD WE  TRUST                         Lead                  Brentwood Theater          Dir:  Harry Cohn

CHAOS UNLIMITED                 Lead                  2100 square feet               Dir: Alfred Isai

TALES OF COURTSHIP                        Lead                  Third Street Theater         Dir:  Pat Wiley

THE TIGER                              Lead                  Actors Studio                 Dir:  Susan Peretz

THE MORNING AFTER             Lead                  Greenway court              Dir:   David Patch

CATS PAW                              Lead                  Actors Studio                             New York


The Actors Studio (currently, lifetime member: since 1992): - Martin Landau (Bobby Lewis), Mark Rydell (Meisner), Joanne Linville (Stella Adler), Susan Peretz (Lee Strasberg), Jared  Ali (Eric Morris), Grant Cramer (Milton Katselas), Anthony Caldarella          Los Angeles / New York

Cold Reading and CD workshop with Candy Herman / Holly Powell          Los Angeles


Karate / Tae Kwon do, Boxing, Stick fighting, Sword fighting, Nunchucks, Fight Choreography, Soccer, wrestling, Physical conditioning, Firearms, Martial Arts Master Instructor, Acting Coach(Divine8Acting).