Having been raised in a supportive family with a modest background, Shaun appreciates everything good life has to offer. While getting his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (BSEE) at Boston’s Northeastern University, he was introduced to shotokan Karate. His extraordinary passion and discipline led him to a world championship and his own martial arts schools on both coasts where he coached and developed other champions and received a congressional citation for his participation in the US world championship team. Shaun also has a Masters Degree in Quality Assurance (MSQA) and has pursued his Ph.D. in human psychology. He’s been teaching both Acting and Karate for over 30 years and believes that both “ACTING” and Martial Arts have similarities that can help children and adults to develop in all areas of life (mental, physical, spiritual and emotional).   

            Shaun started acting in 1983 by taking summer classes at Harvard University and worked in local cable television, theater and commercials in Boston and New York before moving to Los Angeles to further his acting career in 1990. Shaun honed his craft both in theater and film by intense study and making discoveries which brought him to realize, as a former Tae Kwon Do champion, the similarities between the two arts. The transformation from the Martial Arts to Acting was a natural metamorphosis since both arts require spiritual awareness, mental concentration, physical and emotional expression. Shaun has created his own revolutionary system which he now teaches, “DIVENE8ACTING.”  

He is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio (New York and LA) for almost 30 years and has worked as the Lead in several theater productions and has starred in over forty feature films. His latest Lead roles in theater presentations were Eddie Carbon in Arthur Miller’s “A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE”,(Best Actor) “Detective Story” and the West Coast premiere of William Saroyan’s critically acclaimed “My heart’s in the Heartlands”.His latest and proudest endeavor is the starring role in  “After Freedom”, a feature film for which he received numerous stellar reviews.

Shaun’s latest performances are in Behind the Candelabra with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon directed by Steven Soderbergh and SHAMELESS.

Shaun and his son Mike and his daughter Melody are also accomplished Writers, Directors and Producers and they collaborate with each other to make their own life-affirming and inspirational movies through their production companies: “Melody Films Entertainment” and “Coleman Productions”        

They have Written, Directed and Produced and starred in: “A Fighting Chance”,

“Follow Your Heart” and “The Only Way” written/directed/produced/starring Mike Coleman. Shaun says, “My son Mike is the greatest actor/Filmmaker I have ever known and Melody is following his footsteps. “

Shaun and his wife Vera live in Glendale, CA with their 22-year old son Mike and 16-year old daughter Melody.  Shaun believes one should do as much good as possible in one’s lifetime and he practices the virtues of the unstoppablehuman spirit.